Joanna Herman 
Designer & Developer


Sustainable Web Design

              Any digital service we create has a social and environmental impact. My approach to creating greener websites combines intentionality – where I encourage a mindful selection of content and design assets, with the use of state-of-the-art technology and sustainable web design practices in the development stages.

Environmental impact

The Internet is powered by ever-increasing amounts of electricity and creates huge carbon emissions which contribute to accelerating climate change. As phones and computers become more powerful every year, websites are also becoming increasingly bloated – according to, the average website on desktop is about 4 times as large as in 2010. And this is not just environmentally wasteful.

Social impact

Slow and heavy websites discriminate users with slower internet connections and older devices, and act against business objectives by negatively affecting both user experience and SEO. On the design side, we don’t have to look far to find the web full of dark patterns, deceptive tactics, unnecessary information and aggressive attention grabbing.


What I do

  • Designing for good user experience and shorter user journeys.
  • Using modern, performant tools to build websites – the JAMstack ecosystem.
  • Optimisations to reduce website size and increase loading times, including image and font optimisations.
  • Thorough testing for performance and SEO scores, followed by optimisations.