Through Your Ears
  • React
  • p5.js
  • DatocCMS
  • Mapbox

Through Your Ears is a unique project capturing nostalgic memories of Qatar through sound waves, each tied to a physical object with a barcode leading to a virtual portal. With distinctive audio-based animations and an interactive map, the website immerses users in an extraordinary audio-visual journey, showcasing the global trajectory of Qatar's sounds

Role: Animation design and web development.

Through Your Ears website

The client needed a website to create an immersive, visual and sonic experience to complement the tangible interaction with the physical object. She also wanted the site to display the travels of Qatar sounds worldwide, showing on the map where they were recorded and where they can be heard.

Through your ears - physical object
through your ears - website on mobile

I created distinctive audio-based animations, unique to each recording, which move with the sound wave. This immerses the user in an audio-visual digital experience. To illustrate the sound journeys I used a Mapbox integration for an interactive map marking recording locations as well as where they have been played from.