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I worked with Bream, an online wellness and creativity platform for older adults and their caregivers, on showcasing their offerings to two distinct audiences.

Role: Web Design and Web Development
Branding: VOA Studio
Web Design: Bel Creative and Joanna Herman

Bream website

Bream is a wellness and creativity platform designed specifically for older adults and their caregivers. The challenge in the website creation process was catering to two distinct audiences: organisations and individual users, each with different needs and value propositions. Our aim was to create a website that effectively communicated the platform's offerings and benefits to both segments.

Bream wellness platform on different devices
Bream class

Breams offers art, wellness, movement, and nutrition classes designed specifically for older adults and their caregivers to help with their physical, emotional, and mental health.

To address this challenge, we developed a visually engaging website with a class gallery that showcases the quality and variety of classes available. The web design and development process was informed by extensive user research and implemented feedback loops to incorporate user insights into the platform's development, ensuring alignment with user preferences and needs.

Bream At-Home
Bream Business

The design employs color schemes to visually separate the two audiences, ensuring clarity and ease of navigation.

Bream Classes page

Users can explore Bream's class library and filter by category, difficulty and duration.